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Welcome to The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC (WPI), located at "Sanctuary" in Raymond, NH

The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC (WPI) and Alternatives in Counseling & Personal Development, PLLC (ACPD), are dedicated to renewal, awakening, transformation, and healing of individuals, couples, societies, and the global community.

To that end, we offer several avenues of education, self-exploration, and healing. These offerings are ever evolving.

  • For those interested in an alternative approach to self-exploration, healing, transformation, and awakening, WPI offers classes and seminars, for individuals, couples, and other groups, that combine grounding in psychology with a movement toward spiritual understanding; WPI also offers spiritual apprenticeships for those who wish to explore themselves to even deeper and richer levels of understanding.
  • For those seeking to simply renew and rejuvenate or to explore new tools and skills in solitude or without outside guidance, "Sanctuary," as it is informally known in Raymond, is 65 acres of open wooded lands upon which WPI and ACPD are located. It offers an extensive trail system weaving throughout the property, as well as sacred spaces created by or donated to WPI for such purposes.

15 years of Radiant Community and growing—a reflection


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