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The Gate of Grace

Gate of GraceGate of Grace is an Angelic Gateway and a sacred geometrical formation that creates a holographic angelic vortex. This Gate was gifted to Sanctuary on 9/28/02 by Archangel Michael via a group studying through Joe Crane (TeachOnlyLove.com) for everyone to use. It is a very powerful creation, and immediately upon its completion, intense energetic events began to occur for those choosing to enter it.

The Gate is comprised of eight physical positions specifically located to form a sacred geometrical pattern. Each position has its own crystal, color, musical note, day of the week, and harmonic vibration, as well as a resonance to one of the Ancient Churches. Angels that resonate with a specific person's vibration will use that position as a "portal for entry" to the Gate of Grace.

Those who enter the center of the Gate of Grace actually enter a stable "Ball of Grace" through which flows the “breath of God.” This allows for an easy and clear access to ones angels, masters, guides, and Higher Self. The Gate of Grace can be used for angelic communication and healing of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Each individual's experiences are unique to themselves, though many actually report feeling the Merkaba (also known as the Light Body) spinning within them.

Any kind of energy work, such as "Laying on Hands," can be done within the Gate of Grace. Healing tools used in the Gate become much more powerful and efficient. If someone tries to use the Gate for something it was not meant for, it will shut itself down. It cannot be used to hurt or harm anyone or make things happen. The most powerful use of the Gate comes from love.

Attention: For anyone choosing to enter this place of power, this alert is the result of what we witnessed within the first 24 hours of the Gate's creation. Please take it to heart!

Entering the Gate is your choice! Be sure to make it an informed one! The Gate tends to trigger the Life Force to rise up—very powerfully—through an individual. This will have an effect. Entering the Gate is not a game or "child's play." It is a serious decision. It requires a clear, intentional decision on your part.

Entering the Gate is a decision only you can make. Anyone choosing to enter the Gate must do so of their own free will. Please do not "encourage," "pressure," or "force" another into the Gate "for their own good."

It is recommended that you enter with a clear intent, spiritually in alignment (as best as you can assess), and with an honest willingness to receive that which comes to you. What that is varies with each person and cannot be predicted. To be willing to receive the "Unknown" aspects of the Life Force is a choice only each individual can make.

Do not enter lightly. Do enter it by your choice and with full awareness of the choice.

We "hold" the presence of the Gate.

When the Life Force flows through a person, it affects them spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It is critical to support and tend to the physical and emotional bodies after a time in the Gate. Our bodies must make adjustments to accomodate this much energy.

We recommended that you continue to give yourself intentional support after time spent in the Gate. If you are unclear what this means to you, ask those who know you and your life context. You may also ask Alaya Chadwick. However, the most important one to ask is Yourself! For finally, you are the expert on You!

May your journey be a blessed one.

Alaya & John Chadwick
Caretakers of Sanctuary