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Gifted Spaces

As visitors wander Sanctuary, they will, if their eyes are wide open, come upon place-spaces which have been created and gifted to the land and them, by folks who have adopted a portion of the land to express themselves.

These “space-places” have legends of their own and stories of healings and awakenings associated with them. Places like Anne’s Place, Owl’s Gate, Friends Place, Ellen’s Seat of Power, Pam’s Becoming, Mole Moment, and many more offer unique invitations for visitors to go deep within and find the who they truly are.

We specially thank Anne for all the time she has spent as “The Ripple” of The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC and as a creator of many “gifted spaces.” Anne was the first to offer her hands to the Land as a way to find her own way home to her own heart-space.

If you are called to gift a space to the land, speak directly to Alaya and John, who will be more than glad to support your precious intentional awakening. Remember, the land heals us as we bless the land with our heart’s presence. Some call this “eco-psychology,” others call it miraculous healings, and others simply dig in the dirt, clearing the lands, and in doing so, find their own heart's and soul's awakening.

Note: Climb and wander at your own risk – enjoy the wilds of nature while being close to civilization. Ground releases required before accessing any portion of Sanctuary.