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The Medicine Circle...

Entering the Circle of Stones

This “Circle of Stones” was the first space & place to be created on the land called “Sanctuary,” following Alaya and John's arrival to NH. Originally found beneath a “trash pile,” this sacred vortex called for its own discovery. Positioned on a “lay line” of energy, its location is linked to the Sanctuary Labyrinth and the Gate of Grace, as well as the far edges of the property.

Uncovered by “NH Bulldozer drivers” who became caught up in building a space in which all the stones were touching AND that had two entrances, this Sacred Circle of Stones has hosted a multitude of rituals and celebratory events ranging from the annual Sanctuary bonfire to drumming rituals and partnership ceremonies, as well as rituals associated with individual healings and group (W)hole Shops.

Once the trash was cleared, the stones, waiting to be lifted up from the ground’s disguise and into the light, were piled on one side of the clearing. Each stone that is a part of the circle was dug up from that same location and positioned with care and focus. Then the real creative artistry began. Guided by the practicals of the bulldozer drivers, the vision of Alaya and the elementals of this earth space, and all the ancestors who had walked this land in early times, the Medicine Circle unfolded before the witnesses presents. The New Hampshire crew was also challenged by Alaya’s request that “the great tree” also be included in the circumference of stones.

At one point the huge bulldozer bucket, holding a very large stone (If you are standing in the center of the Stone Circle and face “the great tree” just to its RIGHT is the stone to which I am referring.) was gently, very carefully placed so as to touch the tree roots and to do no damage to the tree’s bark-skin. Suffice it to say that we all held our breaths as this was accomplished. A cheer rose up once the dozer driver let out a great shout.

Over the course of that one wild precious day that the NH equipment drivers were present to create the Circle of Stones, they became caught up in the spirit and intent of this expression. Initially very suspect, their hearts soon opened and they teamed up with Alaya with joy and enthusiasm. Nearing the end of the day, Alaya was ready to stop, and yet she was urged on by the drivers “One more, just one more stone – Remember they must all be touching one another, just as we need each other!” Alaya paused then and felt the miracle of such shifts. Now typical at Sanctuary, that moment was a beginning of Sanctuary- “a place and space of transformation, renewal, healing and awakening.”

The Stone Circle was blessed by the original founders of Sanctuary (John and Alaya) in a group ritual in the summer of 2000, which included all ages from near and far. 
Who could have imagined that since that time, hundreds of folks from around the country and locally have spent time in the space-place in meditation, song, dance, story telling, and ritual, as well as just “being out in nature”!

This “Circle of Stones” inspired by the book by the same title, also called Sanctuary’s Medicine Circle as it offers healing to all those who come, is one of the locations of vortexes on the property.

Be sure to stop and spend some time, at The Stone Circle – A Medicine for Heart and Soul and Mind and Body! Come and feel the ancients’ breath of wisdoms offered in perfection, as you dare to sit in still presence with these Sacred Stones. COME and BE met and held by the potent presence of EARTH herself.