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The Meditation HUT

Located on “Sanctuary” near the Gate of Grace, the meditation HUT (“Honoring Universal Truths”) is available by reservation for those who wish a “base” for a personal mediation retreat. Its positioning allows for privacy and cover while being in the “great outdoors.”

Opening 2 of the 4 sides allows a sense of spaciousness, while closing them allows for those moments of deep interior inquiry and privacy.

During one’s “HUT-time,” you may leave your belongings there, journey the land and all it has to offer, and then return to your personal sanctuary of reflection. There are chairs and a platform for mediation, and markers for a white board are available, if requested.

The HUT is available in all seasons on a first come first served basis. A signed grounds release and reservation are required before access is granted (3-day notice is preferred).

Provisions are not provided, and HUT participants are expected to leave the HUT ready for the next HUTer. Please take out everything you bring in, including garbage.

Donations of $20/day are requested.