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The Labyrinth


The "Sanctuary Labyrinth" is available for walking, anytime, after one has been given their Introductory Tour. See About Sanctuary for detail on the tour.

A Labyrinth is "an intense vortex from Heaven that is mixing with the energy vortex that is spiraling up from deep within the earth." At the center of a Labyrinth, after having walked the sacred path, is this powerful vortex of energy - like a beam of warm pink light. Whether seen by the "walker" or not, the impact of walking a Labyrinth must not be minimized!

Labyrinth Patterns are found in numerous places around the world, in the floors of cathedrals, in the walls of ancient caves, etc.

Thousands of years old, the Labyrinth experience leads each person who walks it to their own perfect inner place and facilitates a deeper sense of centeredness and calm. This is the (W)hole Point!

One common question is if a labyrinth is a maze? These labyrinth patterns may vary; however, unlike a maze, labyrinths have one entrance & one center point joined by a ring-like path designed to guide the walker to the heart of the pattern for the purpose of inner clarity. One does not get “lost” in a labyrinth. A “labyrinth walker” may however experience a sense of timelessness and a profound sense of going within, beyond what reason might dictate.

More information about labyrinths in general can be found by searching the Internet.

The "Sanctuary Labyrinth" is 65 feet in diameter and has 7 rings, which some associate with the 7 chakras. The Labyrinth was created in 1 day in the summer of 2001, just weeks before 9/11, with lots of love and care by adults and children from all over the Northeast.

Marty Cain, reknowned labyrinth designer and the teacher/guide who led those present through the creation of Sanctuary Labryinth, said, "When human beings enter a Labyrinth with a heavy heart or some form of disease,... the Earth is able to gather what is released into a little transparent blue ball and send up it through the vortex..."

Dedicated to the Highest Good, the spiral paths of the Labyrinth offer the opportunity to explore oneself and to engage in Healing work and Spiritual discovery. "Walking the Labyrinth" is said to connect you to your highest Self for your Highest Good. It continues to heal, transform, and renew everyone who takes the time to spiral into the heart of themselves by walking the Labyrinth spiral intentionally.

Specific invitation to add to the Sanctuary Labyrinth

There is a pile of stones near the Labyrinth, and individuals are encouraged to take a stone and add it to the stones already lining the paths.

Visitors are invited to use the “wrist prayer flags” at the entrance. Simply choose a color, wrap it around your wrist or hand and set your intent for your inner walk. Upon entering the center, place your flag on the tree. Know that your intent is now forever supported by All-that-IS.

The Sanctuary Labyrinth is located at Sanctuary and is held under the auspices of the (W)hole Point Institute, LLC. For a nominal fee for land maintenance, Churches and groups of 5 or more may arrange for use of this sacred site.

Individuals may call to arrange "Walking Permission" free of charge. However, donations are welcomed, and envelopes are provided in the sign-in box for this purpose. Simply place donation envelope inside the glass front door and know it is much appreciated.

Come and Experience this for yourself!

NOTE: Please call for your Introductory Tour before your first visit to Sanctuary.