About Us

What we believe:

The point of being alive is to live your life fully and passionately, free from restraint, fears, and doubt.

What we do:

Assist you in personal transformation, whether it be for personal, professional, or spiritual reasons. We show you how to get unstuck and move toward a full, satisfying life.

How we do it:

By teaching you new tools and skills which will allow you to look deeply within yourself, recognize and embrace that which does not serve you, and choose a new direction for your life.


Because we believe that you deserve to live a whole life, one filled with joy, productivity, and passion, and you deserve it right now.

The (W)hole Point Institute is dedicated to:

  • Empowering Wholeness
  • Awakening Wholeness
  • Embodying Wholeness

This is done through two viewpoints: Micro and Macro. The micro viewpoint encompasses applications for day-to-day living: awakening, empowering, and embodying your unique wholeness. The macro viewpoint looks at the whole of existence and how it encompasses all.

These two viewpoints fit together to activate wholeness through three prime formats:

  • Individual experiences
  • PAIRs “People Activating Intimate Relating” - couples and partners
  • Group experiences

Detailed information on the particular ways and programs to access both the micro and macro empowerment programs of wholeness are available in the pages of this website.

Reiki is integrated into the program to connect your body with your inner wholeness.