Alternatives in Counseling & Personal Development (ACPD), PLLC is Alaya's private coaching practice. (Also see for additional information).

Believing that people matter more than any diagnostic label, Alaya seeks primarily to empower and elevate folks rather than focus upon diagnostic managements and is willing to work with folks to bring about empowerment and clarity. To that end, she offers counseling with an alternative/wholistic emphasis in a dynamic, engaging, and potently practical style.

Clients are encouraged to be very particular as to what they prefer in terms of alternative approaches and generally work in partnership with Alaya to design their counseling program, which is in itself an alternative approach.

The decision to access, utilize, or combine any of the following resources is made in an informed cooperation with each client. Each area of a client’s interest is discussed in detail to insure informed decisions.


Services offered include the following methods

  • Couples therapy
  • Imago Relationship therapy
  • Psychotherapy for Individuals
  • Jungian-oriented therapy
  • Bereavement counseling
  • Dream analysis
  • Life transition coaching
  • Relaxation and stress management training
  • Meditation instruction

Meet with Alaya as your (W)hole Life Coach, under the umbrella of The (W)hole Point Institute LLC, and explore the reaches of your psyche as an apprentice. See (W)hole Life Coaching for further information.

Session Structures, Payment, & Insurance

Session Structure:

  • An initial consultation is scheduled in which the individual or couple meet with Alaya for the first time and determine if it is a "fit." This initial consultation is scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour, 2 hours for couples (to insure that everyone has a chance to speak and be heard).
  • If both Alaya and the client(s) determine that the "fit" is good, 1-hour sessions continue (2-hour sessions for couples) at a pace that allows for the client(s) to "practice at home" and to move at the pace that is comfortable to them.
  • Couples sessions are 2 hour minimum to allow for the fullness and richness of all present to feel heard and allow for deeper understandings.


Alaya's policy is that the first ½ hour of your initial session is no-charge unless you continue, and then the first hour session is billed in full.

For couples, ½ way through the first 2-hour session, Alaya will ask you if you wish to continue or stop. If you stop, there is no charge. If you continue, it is expected you will pay for the first 2 hours.

Alaya prefers to take care of business first; therefore, payments are collected at the beginning of each session, unless otherwise pre-arranged, and next appointments are made or confirmed.


Alaya does not accept insurance.