War Extend to US an Invitation to WAKE UP!

War is our Self-Violence reflected back to us.

       War extends to us an invitation to WAKE 

              WAKE up from WAR and come Home to PEACE.


A great teacher of mine said to me: “There is nothing outside the SELF”.  WOWOW…pause a minute and take this in.

Consider that anything occurring “in front of us” first is born within us.

To dare to take full responsibility for our world requires us to be able to bear the weight of this understanding.

To feel this understanding within our hearts’ core, (that all that is before us is firstborn from within us)  offers us the step into our authentic power.

To act from this understanding is the path to Peace.

Have you ever noticed all the little “Self-Violences” each of us enacts upon ourselves?

Have you ever noticed all the little “Other Violences” each of us enact upon others?

JUDGMENT is Violence inside of us.

WAR is the violence of judgment in action outside of ourselves.

Regardless of whether these violences are directed inward or outward, they are the seeds and cause of wars.

Violences are rooted in one word:  ONLY.


The Belief that there is ONLY one way, rather than many.

The Conviction that it is obvious that there is ONLY one right way, rather than many.

The Imposition that there must ONLY be this one way, and that the others must be destroyed.

Belief + Conviction + Imposition blend together to blossom as WAR against this in the name of that.  The “this-es” and “that’s” are of a million and one varieties, however, WAR is always the result.

I heard it said once:  “No more war in the name of God”…I would change this a bit to say:  “NO MORE WAR in the name of anything!”


How might we each be a part of the Waking Up from WAR and coming home to PEACE?

By applying our own personal curiosity without judgment and willingly discovering our hidden “ONLYs”.

In this way, we can shoulder the responsibility for our part of WAR.

In this way, we can admit that “our way” is not THE ONLY way.

In this way, we can open our hearts and embrace all ways rather than impose upon others our way.

So often I hear folks, who come to me for (W)hole Life Coaching, ask “Where is the hope?”

It is here in the power to live, consciously, from the inside out.

OUR HOPE and OUR POWER is found in the same place: within!

OUR Hope as a people and OUR Power as a people is in allowing “The ONLYs” to rest in peace so that our true ONENESS can be born.

The secret:  Oneness is not “sameness”.  Oneness is the celebration of The Many by The ALL of us.

In this way… we can BE at HOME at last:  The Many embraced by the US as ONE People,

Join me?  Please.

What if we each drop our ONLYs and open to our (W)holenesss?  Even just for today.

Let’s find out!

With great blessings to us ALL.


Nov 16, 2016