“Bridging love O’round the Globe”

Once Alaya was asked:
     “What do you do?”
           She responded: Nothing.
               “What happens when folks sit with you?”

 I blend particular elixirs of life for each individual who comes to me.


By Being with them…without exerting any pressure on them to change.

“What are the ingredients?”

3 advanced degrees,
16 years of formal study,
37 + years of experience,
6 different multi-year apprenticeships,
The Wisdom WAY – birthed through and out of me (beginning in 2000)
67,000 hours of listening to stories of hearts & souls

Profound curiosity
Compassion without preference
Dedication to being of service
Being Joyously Present
Having Fun – Playing on behalf of
“When folks drink in this elixir, what happens?”

Each blossom in their own way and in their own time.

“What do you do?”

I prepare and introduce people to their True (W)hole selves – a bit at a time –
until they remember their own (W)holeness,

then they start laughing too

and I have another Playmate.


November 2015