“Everything is subject to change without warning”

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who relayed this story: While standing in the grocery line next to an older yet very energetic “little” (short) lady, my friend had what I call a “miracle encounter”. I use this term to point to those moments when another or an event enters your life with a, particularly pointed teaching.


The Lady’s Credit Card did not seem to be working. The Cashier tried it again and then when my friend saw this, offered to pay for the few items the “Little Lady” had chosen for purchase. Just as this offer was expressed, the cashier ran the card one more time, and whoosh it worked.

Muttering under her breath the older lady (Imagine a rather short older lady with a flowered hat and multi-colored clothing, moving in a very spire manner) said “Everything is subject to change without warning”. She did not direct this comment to anyone but herself. She then walked away without a backward glance. My friend didn’t believe anyone heard but her and yet that message was perfect in its timing and impact!

What an amazing message! Pause and consider it again: Everything is subject to change without warning.

How might you walk in the world, moment by moment, when knowing this as truth?

How might your words to another be offered differently when knowing this truth?

How awake might you be in each moment, if you knew, absolutely knew that Everything is subject to change without warning? And that the person or situations or events you are in the moment experiencing are there to offer you something – A Surprising something just for you!!!

As I pondered these questions, I realized for myself a simple truth.

Change is an absolute continuous given. Life keeps spiraling upward regardless of appearances and independent of what we are wishing to be different.

No matter what is occurring, life moments ultimately recycle back to “YES” or forward motion or even just the next breath. We are always without question ascending or to use a more ordinary word, waking up to more of ourselves.

“NO” is an ending or stopping and life doesn’t stop! It simply keeps going forward, breath by breath or step by step or choice by choice. We cannot stop the river of life and we cannot hurry it nor can we slow it down. LIFE keeps flowing, as it is flowing.

Everything is subject to change without warning.

Consider living life, for one whole day, with this in mind and see … just see, how much more wide awake you are to what and who is in front of you. Are you open enough to receive it?

With great blessings and gratitude for your presence at this time on our Planet. You matter.


On January 2016