“WAKE UP, WAKE UP, time to Wake Up!"
The Rise of the Sun each day calls to us: “WAKE UP, WAKE UP, time to Wake Up!

As I looked out over this Lake, called Senaco Lake, located in the Finger Lakes Region of NY State, I felt a whispered call: “All-y All-y Income Free… come home to BE”.

It echoed across the waters & my heart sang in harmony with all that IS.

Will you join me tomorrow morning and share in the world’s harmony?


Have you ever noticed, I mean really paused and noticed, that the Sun Rises every day?

It doesn’t matter how you feel. It’s doesn’t matter what is happening in your life or the world. It doesn’t matter how full of hope or fears you might be in that moment. The Sun Still Rises up over that horizon, from where it shone on those on the other side of our world. The Sun SHARES itself with us all. The Sun SHARES itself with us all, deserving or not, warring or not, at peace or homeless, lost or at home. The Sun SHARES itself with us all.

Consider just for a moment that perhaps the world of nature is our “living mirror” inviting us to a way of balance…a WAY to BE. Consider just for a moment that perhaps there is a call rippling ‘around our globe’ to wake up to the Oneness of all humanity. Every day we read about killing, suffering, hunger, etc.


Anyone killed is a person.

Anyone who suffers is a person.

Anyone hungry is a person – JUST LIKE US!

Then there before me on my IPad was an article in the virtual Boston Globe showing how 1000s of women were on a walk for peace in Israel, Jordon, and Palestine.  They were singing and dancing and laughing their way across the war-torn countries and roadways – calling us all to WAKE UP.

We choose war and we can choose Peace! How?

By coming to know that we are all people: human beings who are doing the best we can with what we know and understand.

This is an obvious cognitive understanding; however, I am not suggesting that particular kind of knowing.  This mental understanding will not bring us home.

Rather I am inviting us to FEEL to the core of our being, the pain of our Sisters, Brothers, Children, Mothers and Fathers in all locations on our globe. TO FEEL the Truth in our sensations, in our hearts, and in our cores.

Do you weep for them?

Do you love them from your inside out?

Do you celebrate with them their victories?

UNTIL… there is no you and me…

UNTIL… there is no them and us…

UNTIL …there is only WE…

UNTIL…there is only ONE?

To WAKE UP is not a theory.

To WAKE UP is not an imagined Dreaming for the Future….

To WAKE UP is to risk all that we call “MY SELF” and allow it to dissolve into ONE BEING.

HOW can this be a living practice for each of us?

WAKE up with the Sun Rise.

WAKE up each day and choose to meet all you encounter as another YOU.

WAKE up each day noticing that just as the SUN ROSE…so too are we as a people, arising to our selves as ourselves as ONE PEOPLE.

In this way, all will come HOME to What is TRUE:  WE have always been ONE.

We have been playing for a while in a dream of being “Many different Beings” warring against one another, trying to prove who was “right” and who was “wrong”.

Now is the time to WAKE up from WAR and come HOME to PEACE.

Join me at the next Sun Rise … from where ever you are … and dance the AWAKENING.

With all great leaps of love


Novemeber 2016