A MULLING on a “birthright.”

“Would you tell the management?” I was asked more than once following a compliment to a staff member, of the hotel in which I was staying.  I paused and considered if there was more here than immediately obvious. I listened.

Over and over again beneath that question was a call or maybe more of a wish to be SEEN and VALUED by those above them.


AND yet again beneath that isn’t there a longing within us all to be appreciated and seen for ourselves – valuable as we are?

It truly does not matter the height of our bodies, the years we call “age” or our education or lack of, etc, etc…inside us all is a “birthright” to be seen and valued just because.

Not so much for a reason or accomplishment or a job well done, although this is fine.  IT is deeper or more organic.  I am extending an invitation to get real within ourselves about this hunger, often long forgotten, long ignored.

I am suggesting to you that it truly is a “birthright” to which everyone is entitled to.  However, for its fulfillment, the entirety of us all is required.  If every person truly began to focus on this activity of hearing this question “Do I matter?” beneath all other words spoken, our world would change.  It would be impossible to kill, or judge, or attack, or steal, or….

The power for peace within and thus externally is in our hands.  Do we dare to open our ears, our hearts, and our lips to truly SEE, HEAR and RESPOND to all people with a responding YES YOU MATTER to us all!  Your VALUE is a given! Your Place is assured


March 2017