Am I Living The Truth Of My Own Being?

There she was, a woman covered from head to toe on the beach, while all those around her were in very small bathing suits.  I felt such awe for her courage and conviction.  Before the world, she very quietly was living her beliefs:  No right, No wrong, just BEING her way.

How many of us pause every once in a while and check in with ourselves- asking:  am I living the truth of my own being?

The Wisdom WAY is an invitation to live, to breathe, to BE yourself in all our messy human glory – (w)Holes and all.  It is this message that The (W)hole Point Institute is rooted in and upon.

Each time we discover a (w)Hole, that is a place and space in our hearts where we have judged an element of ourselves as unworthy in some way, this is the time to celebrate.  The significance of one more element of our WHOLENESS coming alive again through the simple act of our embrace.  Embracing without judgment or reason or pressure, simply an unqualified embrace of our own selves, again..

This precious woman, may or may not know her impact upon me, however, it is real.  She invited me to not only embrace those lost or rejected aspects of myself/ourselves on the inside (secretly), but then to also live them , embody them fully for all to see.

THIS is the true invitation of The Wisdom WAY.


January 2017