Daring The Portal”  A call to arise on behalf of the (W)hole World™

As a child is growing up and is passing into a “growth spurt,” did you know that the established emotional capacities and even physical capacities seem to first “fall apart” as if the child is “regressing” to younger and messier behaviors?

SPACE is required for the new to arise.


When structures of any sort are moving towards a greater state of expansion or even a new state of expression, altogether, everything gets messier.  This is true of a country, a person, and even the world.

SPACE is required for the new to arise.

In The Wisdom WAY™, we know this place-space-process as “The Portal” and the messiness as “the portal dance.”

This is a state of messiness and uncertainty, often of desperateness, even anger.  We are unsure what is coming, and we simultaneously feel everything falling “apart” while longing for the new and afraid of it at the same time.  We often become fearful, blaming, shaming, etc., at the Portal.

Also, many forms of self-violence and other violence arise at a Portal.  Fears of the new and unknown, battling the longing for more space or hope or expression of unity, etc.  FEARS and LONGINGS form the edges of a portal as well as informing its swirling chaotic nature.

WE, individually and together, are toe-to-toe and nose-to-nose with a portal.

The old way has been one of separation.  The new way into which we must move is one of unity. Simply put: there is truly no choice if we are to survive and thrive on this planet.

The “Bald Naked Truth” is that: The GLOBE can no longer function as “bits and pieces and parts,” each vying for itself.  What occurs on one side of the country, globe, or neighborhood shapes all the others.

A Portal, as a doorway into the newness, is before us as a globe, as a country, as a people, and as individuals.  Yes, we are together and individually standing at a threshold, the size and significance of which we have never seen before.

The mysteries that swirl within a portal are not to be named.  They cannot be named.  That is not the point of a portal.

A portal is an invitation to leap into the unknown newness – trusting.


Trusting is not about blindly following.

Trusting is not about collapsing or attacking or controlling or blaming or shaming etc.

Trusting is found in relaxing into what is true for each of us, then trusting that which weaves all our choices together is weaving for our awakening and on our whole behalf.

Trusting is not passivity.

Trusting is quite active.

Trusting begins and takes root from within.

Trusting rests upon these activities of:

  • Dropping all resistance to what is.   What is IS.
  • Dropping all cherished images or outcomes for the future. We do not know what is coming.  It is called UNKNOWN for a reason.
  • And then each of us choosing (however that appears for each of us) for the UNITY we must now move into.

Whether one looks at the news, our political arena, or even our religious arenas, globally and locally, we may see through all the chaos to the invitation.  Yes, it is there… hidden and yet arising into the light.

The invitation may look like acts of terror or violence or name-calling or destruction etc.

Yet hidden in all these events is a very clear invitation to all of us:

“Will you, now, choose to act as ONE people?”

 IF one answers “NO” – the violence will continue.    It is that simple.

 IF one answers “YES” – why do violence to oneself or the whole of oneself?

IF one answers “YES” – why would one apply any violence to the self?

We would not!

IF one answers “YES”- then it is a question of how we, as ONE people, co-create a new world, where all are honored, fed, respected, and safe.

Thus I invite each of us to truly hear the invitations hidden from the disguise of violence and say YES to the unity of WE.

Out of our messy global swirling chaos is arising the absolutely necessary to respond to the call to awaken from our shared dream of separation.

I invite you and me.

I call to you and me.

I sing out to us all: “All-y All-y in come free, come home to BE” –

Let’s awaken the WHOLE UNITY

as WE!*

How might you express your answer to the invitation which is offered multiple times daily?

* See these books for more of the “hands & feet” to the YES of you.

Wake up to your (W)hole Life

Wake up from WAR come home to PEACE.