“Bridging Love Over Galaxies” 

Today, I was in conversation with one of my “teachers.” In this conversation, we revealed to ourselves how there is a type of progression in The Wisdom WAY, which allows for this WAY of WISDOM to be a process of ongoing self-revelation over the course of a lifetime. The focus simply shifts from the “past” to the “Now,” and from the “HT” to the “WT” and from Curbs as invitations to (w)Holes to Curbs as invitations to embodying the WT.


Initially, we each explore our relationship to what we call “The Horrible Truth(s),” as defined by us. Then – here is the first secret: we actually come to a place of Mastery, after many (w)Hole Studies & Intentional Spiraling CHATs (Conversations Honoring Awakening Truths). We actually master all the wide-ranging and varied Meaning Making strategies that have been our personal responses to those core HTs 

YUP! We become masters of our own creative solutions. For example, I am a master of “abandonment” and all my ways of responding to it. However, this is not the end of the story! This mastery reveals the “fable” we have created and re-created in our lives.

The next secret is that hidden behind our mastery of the HT and all associated MM is a huge and glorious invitation to begin to explore the next mastery of what I call “The Wondrous Truth.” (WT). Now, just as in all The Wisdom WAY materials, you are the expert of you; thus, the actual particular content of HT or WT or MM, etc., is yours to define. The secret is that the HT and the blessing of the CURBs that show us where the (w)Holes are, is mirrored by the WT and the blessing of the CURBs that are invitations to live boldly in today- the wonder of the wholeness of ourselves, made particular by us!

The final secret of this BLOG is that it is all about “Falling in love with ourselves” and celebrating our power to create, to choose, and to choose again.

The Invitation of this BLOG:

Can you or rather will you choose today to celebrate your unveiling of the (w)Holes that saved your life before AND then pause and take note of your mastery of this fable written so long ago?

Are you ready to then look behind that HT and behind the CURBs to the invitations to celebrate and elevate your own WT moments, now occurring?

Are you willing to explore life outside your “old well-worn” fable?

Blessings to us all!

October 1, 2014

Note:  For those of you who have not taken a (W)hole Shop or for those who have not yet progressed to the advanced initiations embedded in the WS beyond Level 1 – I invite you to contact the WPI, consider working with a (W)hole Life Coach or sign up for the next WS, or get my 1st Wake Up series: Wake Up to your (W)hole Life

Blessings To ALL!

October 1, 2014