The Basic PAIRing class incorporates the basics of relationship stages of development, The Wisdom WAY, and the foundational skills of communication to help participants gain a clearer understanding of how they enter into a relationship and what types of expectations they may impose on partners, teammates, friends, etc, as well as a pathway to clearing up the debris so often found in the space between 2 people.

Throughout this 2-day intensive experience, participants learn:

  • the Wisdom Dialogue* via both explained and practiced
  • the developmental stages of all relationships and the secret of the 2 worlds
  • the secrets of the basic tryads, which are the foundations to all interactions

Participants of all sorts are welcome:

  • Participants are encouraged to bring their relationship challenges with them; all states of comfort/discomfort are welcome
  • Individuals may attend singly or bring a friend or partner

Basic PAIRing does not require prerequisites; although WPI strongly recommends becoming familiar with The Wisdom WAY map. See PAIRing Overview for options.

*Wisdom Dialogue developed by Alaya Chadwick by weaving The Wisdom WAY with Imago dialogue created by Harville Hendric.