What exactly is a “mystic?” A mystic is a person whose eyes are open to the mysteries which transcend ordinary human knowledge, a person who answers the call to embody wisdom, not just think about it. As a mystic, you are a “magio” (Greek), a practitioner of the hidden wisdoms, a magician or magi. The mystic’s choice to be conscious life makes him/her a beacon of light for all those they encounter.

The WGM “school” has 2 tiers:

  • Mystic-The Mystic level is offered for those who come for their own self-awakening or those who wish to add to their capacity of work as healers.
  • Master Mystic-Master level mystics are fully empowered to share the materials from the 3 facets of learning with groups.

To be recognized as a Mystic or a Master Mystic, the requirements for each of 3 facets within that tier must be met to the satisfaction of the student and The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC, which houses the Mystery “school.” Participation in the Master Mystic level requires prior completion of the Mystic level.

The 3 facets of each level are:

  • Wisdom (psychology)-based upon The (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY model, divinely inspired directly by Yeshua and translated by Alaya Chadwick.
  • Grace (spirituality)-an integration of the Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship, trans-channeled by Lesley Michaels from Yeshua, and materials divinely inspired by Yeshua and Alaha-shee-ya received and translated by Alaya.
  • Embodiment (physicality)-based upon the traditional Reiki lineage of Master Usui.

Students seeking to become a Mystic or Master Mystic commit to the “cluster” of experiences of that particular tier, while maintaining the freedom to move through the levels at the pace and space of their own choosing.

Contact us if you'd like more information, or to apply for a Mystic path, go to the Application Forms section for an application.