Community in action
Once I was told that Heaven is like a great circle. A need arises and the one
or ones, to whom the need calls, from the outer ring step in,respond and 
then step back once again. Neither the ones in the center, nor the ones in 
the outer ring are better or worse or more or less valued. Neither are those 
who are in need. All are of equally magnificent value and importance. There 
is no quest for credit or praise. The blessing is being a part of the village
All is a great dance of “The Hands and Feet of LOVE”.
All is the spiraling and intentional awakening as a soul in human form – for 
the joy of it!
The Secret: It takes “many” to discover the “oneness” of ourselves.
Knowing YOUR presence matters – This is your “job” in Heaven on Earth.
A Collision of Surprises
Just a few days ago, I was asked: “How do you see yourself as a global 
presence?” I was totally taken aback.
In the nakedness of surprise I bumbled out - “Well I don’t” then hesitantly 
added, “I have never considered this question as to apply to me- yes to 
those well known global figures etc… but me… no”.
Months earlier, in a continuing education class for our WPI faculty and 
advanced students, I was profoundly revealed as being an active creator of 
community and that I had then carefully, however unwittingly, been setting 
myself outside the circle.
If you want to reveal yourself to yourself, then surround yourself with 
REALNESS. The WPI faculty are real hearted folks with a depth of presence 
and insight that shines in all directions. 
(Including the teacher teachers’ teacher…)
These two moments, independent of one another, and the birth of WPI’s 
alternative responses to the needs of our returning veterans all wove together 
into this reflection on community.
Over the course of these last 15 years, I have been witness to the response 
of this village to a wide range of challenging situations.
From dear family members dying at a distance and near by, to accidents 
that crippled family functions for months at all levels, to three children needing
a home due to parental turmoil, to a Mom needing help and one of our village 
opening her own home and then walking each day until that same Mom 
entered Heaven, to a day just last week when my husband, John, needed help
setting up the annual Sanctuary bonfire, to the creation of something 
called “Sanctuary’s Hands & Feet” (a way technology supports a village 
responding to a need)…The list goes on and on.
What do all of these situations and moments have in common? They were 
all love-generating events. In each of these moments there was a need 
that arose. Those whose hearts felt the “tug” to respond – acted in bold and 
courageous ways. They acted knowing the support of the entire village was 
there around them. When it was tough they asked for more, with out apology.
When it was tougher more was given. When there were victories, they asked 
for celebrations. We all danced together. When the need was complete, the 
responders stepped back to the outer-circle. IF they in turn needed renewing 
or restoration, they stepped into the circle and were embraced and soothed 
in body and soul and mind. Then… they too returned to the outer circle…
AND through it all…All of the villagers were in Bliss...
Parts of the (W)holeness as ONEness weaving life together.
How amazing!
In this day when there are wars that cannot seem to be stopped. When there
are so many veterans that are wounded to their core… When there are those
hungry in body and heart… THERE are VILLAGES tucked around this globe 
responding and holding and dancing and crying and laughing their way through 
these portals of life.
WE are all, each of us “A GLOBAL PRESENCE”! Yes, I am too! And so are you!
What we do & how we show up – in our moods, in our actions, in our choices – 
in each moment, we are affecting the entire village of our Globe!
Here at WPI, as we step forward to respond to the great need of our soldiers 
and their families by thinking outside the box of the “ordinary” or “normal” 
patterns- we are being “Heaven on Earth”.
When YOU do the same… you are being “Heaven on Earth” or we might say 
here “The Hands & Feet of Love, walking in the village”. Do you recognize 
yourself as a GLOBAL PRESENCE?
In awareness: Are you?
In action: Do you allow this to be so for you?
In truth: YOU ARE!
You are welcome to come and play with us in the village we call 
The (W)hole Point Institute, located on the land called “Sanctuary”. 
Playing is all about Being “Heaven on Earth” consciously, for the mere 
joy and pleasure of it.
Blessings to you and thank you for YOUR PRESENCE – it matters.
ALAYA, Aug. 2014