There are times in a relationship process when weekly sessions seem "not enough" for whatever reason. Rather than 2-hour weekly or monthly sessions, Couples Intensive Consultations (CIC) sessions range from 4 hours to a day, or more as needed, and may be strung together over a day or spaced apart as needed and preferred by the couple.

Offered within a diagnostic framework, these intensives are rooted in an integrative approach which combines The (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY model and Imago Relationship Theory, as well as the pragmatic expertise of Alaya's years of couples counseling experience.

The combination of the "Intensives" and the "homework" between these CIC consultations is powerful and effective in moving rapidly and effectively into new relationship patterns.

To maximize the use of time during a CIC session, Alaya strongly recommends that couples attend (W)hole Shop Level 1 in the (W)isdom WAY as well as review the Imago DVD (available for online purchase soon) thoroughly before scheduling a CIC session. This minimizes the amount of time Alaya spends simply conveying educational information.

This intense approach may not be for everyone; however, for those who really want to “wake up” their relationship, it is just the method to move into deeper and more profound levels of intimacy and/or attempt to resolve "crisis issues" in order to create a rich relationship filled with passion and aliveness.

The only question is “How close do YOU wish to and dare to become with your significant other?”

If you’re interested, contact us for more information.

Alaya makes alternative arrangements in her schedule to facilitate CIC meetings; therefore, lead time for scheduling sessions is necessary. Pricing is reviewed prior to your CIC session, and payment is expected at the time of the CIC session via cash, credit card, or check.

Note: First CIC session must be in person.

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