The Foundational Elements for Finding YOUR WAY –
Portal Invitations to Realizing YOUR Own Unique, Informed, & Pragmatic Spirituality
Making Sense of all the Newest Awakenings

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Presented by:

Rev. Alaya Chadwick, M.S.W., M.Div., Reiki Teacher, C.M.T.R.*, creator of The Wisdom WAY™
Rev. Dia Valentine, M.S.W., C.R.M., Reiki Master


  • Particularlizing YOUR own Spirituality to celebrate and elevate YOU!
  • Explore the Basics of Spirituality
  • Learn & Identify the Portals of Expansion – as they apply particularly to YOU
  • Engage in a global conversation, on behalf of yourself, others, and the World
Each of the 12 sessions will offer a unique Portal Invitation for you to:
  • Identify the facets of your interest and calling
  • Clarify and particularize, as well as globalize, your spiritual WAY


  • Spiritual Intelligence: An Introduction
  • The Wisdom of the Ages & Sages: Mayans, Mystics, & Muggles
  • Orientation to Reality: The New Physics
  • The Language of Spirituality
  • The New Body: Beliefs, Brains, & Biology
  • The Big Five & Our Sixth Senses
  • Trips & Transcendence
  • R U Eternal or Not?
  • What’s Essential, Perennial, Evolutionary, & Integral wisdom?
  • Return to the Marketplace: How are you alive in Spirit?
  • A Mystery to be Revealed!
  • Course wrap-up
Important: This course is oriented through The Wisdom WAY™ foundational Wisdom Map & (W)“hole” analogy; therefore, we strongly recommend reading Wake Up to Your (W)hole Life prior to attending the teleclass. Order here.

This is a conversational presentation exploring the Portals of Spirit through 12 teleconference sessions.

To our participants:

Dear participant & playmate,

We look forward to offering this practical and enlightening experience to you.

We also offer you this additional option: If you wish to have individual (W)hole Life Coaching sessions, with a trained WPI Coach, as way to deepen your process throughout the 12 sessions, Alaya is available to speak with you directly. She will then link you to a personal (W)hole Life Coach, who can Intentionally Spiral with you, live or by phone. WLCing blends psychology and spirituality into an invitational vortex of awakening.

**NOTE: The cost of this option is arranged between you and the WLC & is not included in class tuition.

It is with great joy and gratitude that both of us – extend our invitation to you to come and explore, elevating and celebrating the great banquet of spiritual portals now spreading out before us all. Reveal YOUR personal WAY!

Blessings to you,

Rev. Alaya & Rev. Dia


Dear Dia and Alaya - I wanted to send out a big Heart Thank You to both of you! Your knowledge, your wisdom, your inspiration, your gift for guiding others is... well... I can't find the words - in Alaya fashion I will make up a word - you are "fanwistical" (fantasitc, wise, and practical)!

What a fabulous journey this has been for me - your trip itinerary was spot on for experiences of wonder, excitement, and new learning enveloping the old of what I "thought" I knew. The packing you suggested (DVDs, web links, books) rounded out the trip for me in fun and meaningful ways. The first teleclass had me in tears as all you presented was exactly what my heart was calling for, and now after our final class I am again in tears - grateful for the sense of groundedness and expansion that I am feeling - Wow!

I find myself ascending and Spiraling to another beginning, approaching another "Doorway" to open and enter into the Mystery. Now when I enter the mystery and experience the mystical, I will have fabulous tools, access to wise guides and remembered experiences. And when I return to my usual waking world, I will recall the ancient Japanese poem - "When I stand on the mountaintop, the world unfolds before me. When I walk through the marketplace, I carry the mountaintop under my robes."

Thank you for showing me how to carry the mountaintop under my robes!

Many Blessings of Light and Love to you both,