Certified Radiance Master-Healers

Certified Radiance Master-Healers (CRMs) are individuals who have completed the requirements needed to be with another person to Intentionally Spiral their (w)holes, using the Wisdom WAY™ model with integrity and transparency. These criteria include, but are not limited to, attending a minimum of (W)hole Shop Level 4, as well as having completed over 100 hours of intensive studies.

Usually, CRMs are sought after a student has taken their first (W)hole Shop and wants to continue their exploration and healing. This is not a form of psychotherapy, and CRMs are not licensed in psychotherapy. Rather, each CRM is an independent contractor, fully certified by WPI to work 1-on-1, or via phone or video chat (i.e. Skype, GoogleVoice/Chat, MSMessenger, etc), with individuals seeking to awaken, empower, and embody their own wholeness using the foundation of the Wisdom WAY™.

This is a form of “life coaching” grounded in the intersection between psychology and spirituality as seen through the Wisdom WAY™. Prior attendance at a (W)hole Shop Level I is strongly recommended in order to have an understanding of the model.

All CRMs maintain an ethical code of confidentiality and are dedicated to reaching out and offering the unique, practical power of the Wisdom WAY™. The (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY™ does not in any way replace traditional psychotherapy or any other forms of treatment. In fact, it is a framework that works exceptionally well with other modalities.

Currently, WPI has 18 CRMs available to assist you in the further exploration of your (w)holes. Contact WPI to be connected to a CRM. All CRMs are trained to work by phone, if necessary, for those who live at a distance.

Certified Radiance Master-Healers (CRMs)

Anne Suddy
Jean Macdonald
Lizzy Derecktor
Rochelle Mausteller
Yvonne Laurence
Steve Burison
Janice A. Welch
Lisa Scally


Bob Stone
Ellen Fitts-Byrne
Patty Miske
Marianne DiBlasi
Candace Stella
Monica Steele
Amanda Johnson



Jasmine Hurtak
Karen Aznoian
Jonne Trees
Mary Ellen Nicholls
Yoshiko "Peg" Hill
Theresa Robertson
Anna Simms
Marshall Wilensky