A Call to WAKE UP from the DREAM---RESPOND-ABILITY---BE a “Bright Light Responder”
Now more than ever, People BEING whole, awake and conscious of the oneness of all of humanity is even more significant.  We see acts of violence in so many forms.
Regardless of your political persuasion, regardless of your race, spiritual beliefs and age etc , we are one people.  What occurs on one side of the globe flashes around the planet, so that we are all impacted and involved, nearly instantaneously.
The truth is: Humanity is at a portal, a doorway of sorts, with each one of us being invited to purposely choose how our individual presence will contribute to the Whole (in their families, communities and countries).
Our choice, moment to moment, can be fleshed out by your own responses to the following questions.
Will I add to peace or to war in this moment?
Will I be the presence of inclusion or exclusion?
Will I be the strong voice of compassion or blame?
Who and How and What will I bring to each moment?
Am I ready, willing and able to be awakening?
Am I willing to acknowledge that my answers are in my actions?
Am I willing to accept that I am responsible for my answers?
As I write this, around our country there are waves of violence against “The Police” as a generalized group, even as we turn to them to respond to our 911 calls as well as to maintain order in all this chaos.
“The Police”, as a generalized group, is being blamed as the structures of our society are faltering under the weight of so much judgment, blame, mistrust and fear.
Around this country there are also groups of people going to their particular Police Departments, bringing both their encouragement to those individuals to stand in alignment with their vows and to reaffirm that they serve at our request, of their community.
This particularized support is coming in the forms ranging from flowers to letters to handshakes etc.
This is just one example of RESPOND-ABILITY.
We each have a BASIC moment to moment choice: Either We can agree to be pulled into the swirling chaos of judgment, blame and attacks, which are looking for the cause outside of ourselves. This is a path of looking outside ourselves for targets to blame. OR We can look inside ourselves and ask “How might I contribute to the peace, harmony and inclusiveness in my community?”. This is a path of knowing that there is nothing outside us that isn’t already within us. The change we seek comes first from within us first.
Our choice informs our response to the moment. RESPOND-ABILITY refers to the capacity to be self-aware as the choosers and the actors.
To develop “RESPOND-ABILITY” requires a willingness to look within, to be naked and truthful with yourself about what there is AND then to take up the task of intentional responsibility.
Our choices either add to the PEACE or the WAR on our planet, country, community, family and self.  The state of our world is in our hands.
Blame is easy and leads to more struggle, more war and more violence. RESPOND-ABILITY is a daily stretch from within which leads to more ease, more peace and more inclusion.
RESPOND-ABILITY is the activity of living outside all the boxes and creating the world we all wish to live in.
Consider: How inclusive are you? How willing are you to look within and find your own prejudice against _____ (fill in the blank)? How ready are you to then lay that prejudice down and act in a way that adds peace and harmony to your community and all countries and our world?
This is a CALL to ACTION.
I invite each of us to actively be a “BRIGHT LIGHT RESPONDER”.
A Bright Light Responder is a person who is living from RESPOND-ABILITY with the clear intention to contribute to each moment the elements that are missing.  For example, peace in the face of war, calm in the face of panic, appreciation in the face of attack etc etc.
I invite each of us to take up the call and act in each moment as SOUL walking and in this way our world and all those in it may awaken together.
And then WHAT a celebration there will be!