The 6th Annual Bright Lights Event

Community Celebrates its 1st Responders: The 6th “BRIGHT LIGHT” Event 11-20-15

Bright Lights 2015 Chief Pratt

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Raymond New Hampshire Fire Station was the site for the 6th “Bright Light” gathering in which 1st Responders were greeted with a multitude of community expressions of gratitude. Unique and inspiring for all participants, it reminds us all: Gratitude matters.

From $800 of donated gifts from community businesses, to neck massages, to Reiki treatments, to a feast of foods and warm smiles, along with the phrase “Your Presence Matters”, 1st Responders walked into the lavishly decorated room to hear soothing music and invitations to enjoy the community’s expressed gratitude.

The “Bright Light” gathering was started 6 years ago by a small group of grateful citizens in Raymond, New Hampshire. This event, by tradition, is scheduled on the Friday before Thanksgiving week. It has had huge support from Fire Chief Kevin Pratt of Raymond, NH, and its crew. Chief Pratt, a visionary, saw immediately the wisdom and benefits to all, in weaving community members with its 1st Responders. Generous in the offer of a space for the event, even the first year out, Chief Pratt and his team look forward to this now annual event.

Additionally, The “Bright Light” event has begun to spread, by word of mouth, around the country in all shapes and forms.Bright Light 2015 Chief Pratt and Alaya ChadwickFrom California, to Massachusetts, to Maine, to Pennsylvania, to Florida, etc. and even beyond the edges of USA, this out pouring of gratitude is a blessing to both the “Bright Light 1st Responders” and those of the community, who are saying “Thank YOU! Your Presence Matters!”.

Community donations ranged from flowers to pizza to home baked brownies, etc., are , delivered to Fire Stations / Dispatch Centers…. with the phrase “Thank you! Your Presence Matters” is by definition a “Bright Light” event. From simple to the much more elaborate expression which occurs in Raymond, NH Fire House – the intent is the same.

It is not about who is saying thank you, it is that we, as the village, are pausing for just a moment to appreciate that “911” calls ARE responded to! This fact is a great blessing, which we, as a community do not take lightly, nor for granted.

As the Raymond “Bright Light” event has grown, the invitees list has also grown. It now includes Fire Fighters, the Police, the Dispatch team, the Town Staff & volunteers, the local School Teachers and our Veterans. Each in their own right is “first on scene” and tending to various aspects of our towns and villages.Bright Light 2015 Prize tableMy invitation to all readers, is to plan YOUR own “Bright Light Event” now. (November 18th, 2016 – next date) As one of the originators, I am most glad to offer any support and consultation so that you too can join the ripples of gratitude touching many in the world of 1st Responders. We invite you to use our same flyer design and “gratitude phrase” to allow for the rippling spread of “Bright Lighting”.

Contact information: Alaya Chadwick – 603-895-4530, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Co-creators of The Bright Light movement: Alaya Chadwick, Yvonne Laurence, Anne Suddy, Lisa Scally, and Monica Cyr.