What is a “Bright Light”?

  • Someone who brightens up dark corners
  • An event or action that shifts the focus to celebration & elevation
  • A comment, look, or phrase that invites folks to focus on that which is TRUE and ESSENTIAL

The Essence is: we all are!

What is a “Bright Light” Event?

  • A moment in time when folks gather on behalf of and with the purpose of celebrating and elevating what is “good & true” in our world
  • An effort of one group of people to recognize and have gratitude for another group of people or individuals.
  • A gathering, in which the purpose, action and efforts, are all designed to promote one core message: YOUR Presence Matters!

WHO are “Bright Lights”?

  • Anyone who chooses to place their energy towards an action or into efforts of celebration for what is the essential goodness of humanity
  • Anyone who leaves a space or place better and “more” in some way, than how it was originally found
  • Anyone, who, in the course of their day, makes the choice to reach out to another in a way that brightens or lightens or enhances that other person’s life or experience
  • Anyone who overflows with love for who they themselves are and thus who all others are
  • Anyone who, as they work, play and live each moment, is in celebration of life, itself

HOW to be a “Bright Light”?

Choose, now, to make a difference in the places and spaces you find yourself: Elevate and celebrate Through your words, deeds, and presence.

Help us make the Friday before Thanksgiving the unofficial national "Bright Light" day. Want more info? Contact us.