(W)hole Life Coaching for those with Impaired & UN-Impaired Hearing

Maximize your hearing for the sake of all hearts involved!

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Hearing loss is a silent epidemic! 

Precious sounds: birds chirping, a child’s voice, a partner whispering loving endearments … so much slowly fades away as hearing loss sneaks up. 

Audism is discrimination or prejudice against people who are deaf or hearing-impaired.  Stand up against Audism. Learn how to maximize what technology can do for you and for those you love who are facing hearing challenges. Become a heart-conscious partner. 

Hearing is a community matter, a family matter, and a personal responsibility matter. Getting fitted for a hearing assistance device is only the beginning.

The (W)hole Life Coaches can empower you to have:

  • Un-Impaired Hearing
  • Peaceful Hearts
  • Maximized confidence with the hardware

(W)hole Life Coaches offer:

  • Education for both the Impaired & UN -impaired alike
  • Support for the adjustments to “Hearing Aid” use
  • Guidance to Families, Partners, & Friends
  • Tips and tidbits on practical signing for all
  • Celebration and elevation of the cour- age it takes to say “YES” to HEARING HEARTS, one and all

Hearing Matters!

You are not alone!

  • 29%* of folks in their 50’s ... 
  • 45%* of folks in their 60’s ... 
  • 68%* of folks in their 70’s ...

           ....experience hearing loss

Hearing loss increases the risks of ...

  • Dementia
  • Falls
  • Depression
  • Debilitating Loneliness

On average, adults wait 7-10 years before getting “Ear Buddies” (hearing assistance devices). Please do not wait! YOUR hearing matters.
The longer a person goes without corrected hearing, the greater the risk to the brain of losing the ability to translate sounds into comprehensible speech.

Ignoring the signs of hearing loss is risky.

*Source AARP

The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC

At the (W)hole Point Institute, we believe the whole point of being alive is to live your life fully and passionately, free from restraint, fears, and doubt. Our (W)hole Life Coaches can assist you in your personal transformation by teaching you new tools and skills so that you recognize and release those ideas and beliefs which no longer serve you and you can then choose your new direction in life.

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