The Silent Secret Epidemic

*Did you know that 68 % of those over 70 have hearing loss?
*Did you know that 45% of people in their 60’s experience hearing loss?
*Did you know that 29% of people in their 50’s experience hearing loss?
Audism is the discrimination against the “hard of hearing”.
I, Alaya, have a hearing challenge as I imagine many who are reading this article do as well.  And perhaps you know someone or many someones who also struggle to hear in crowded rooms or lecture halls or a big family gatherings etc.
Conscious awareness of the impact of a reduced hearing capacity is quite challenging for those blessed with sterling hearing abilities.  If you are brave enough, I suggest to these folks who are so blessed, put cotton in both ears for a day and then do you day’s activities.  Do not tell others about your experiment.
  • *Notice what you feel.
  • *Notice how they react to your confusions.
  • *Notice all the spaces and places that are more challenging for you.  Be bold enough to gather your own experiential data.
Audism is such an embedded form of discrimination in our society and social gathering places, that most are unaware EXCEPT those of us who are hearing challenged.
I have hearing aids linked to my phone! I call them MY EAR BUDDIES.  They allow me to connect, to speak and teach and interact despite the audism of our society.  They are my “buddies”/friends which allow me access.
In this short blog I invite YOU and your community to stand up to ageism, to add audism awareness to your focus.
Alaya Chadwick,
MSW, M.Div, L.I.C.S.W., C.M.T.R., director of The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC