The TRYAD of Hearing, Hearts & Hardware

"It takes a village to live a life.
It takes a village to heal from strife. And...
It takes a village to hear well throughout life."

                              ~Alaya Chadwick

There are three aspects to any “TRYAD” (yes that is the correct way to spell this alchemical formation.). It takes “3” to allow something to transform. I will share more on this another time.

THE TRYAD of Hearing, Hearts & Hardware™:

  • The person with the hearing challenge – the one with Hearing Aids (Ear Buddies). 
  • The person(s) loving the ones with hearing challenges – the ones with ‘Clear Ears’.
  • The “heart conscious” Audiologist who moves in to support, assess and provide hardware to maximize hearing capacities.  These are people with the skills of an audiologist and hearts of gold.  

When these three aspects come together on behalf of an individual in need, magic can happen.

 “I can hear the birds! Didn’t realize I was missing them!”

 “Oh my, the world is so loud!”

“Wow, I sure had the TV turned up way up! I can turn it down and hear it better!”

“It is so much easier to have conversations now!”

“I can watch TV shows with my family, and they are all able to share it with me.”

“I can hear the rain and the waves and the leaves!”

“I can hear the whispers of my lover for the first time in years.  I thought they had 

stopped saying them.”

………..And so forth and so forth.

Uncorrected hearing loss, results in an increased loss of hearing over time.

Corrected hearing loss with hearing aids (“Ear Buddies”), saves your hearing and allows all the wonders of this life to be enjoyed once again.

Be bold.

Be brave.

Stand up to Audism for the sake of all.

Alaya Chadwick
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