The (W)hole Point Institute Stands Up to AUDISM

Center of HHH Tryad 01Changing the world by opening ears and softening hearts, this is a mission of WPI.  

As a person who experienced both the unnoticed isolation and then the revelation of hearing the world again, I am deeply dedicated to alerting people to the insidious nature of   hearing loss. Frankly, it just creeps up on a person. Those around us most frequently notice it first.  

Often cited as “too expensive”, the cost to a life of uncorrected hearing loss is an extravagant act of denial.  
Pretending that it “isn’t that bad”, or “it doesn’t really bother me or effect my life” are life risking activities that our society encourages.

Let’s consider what the nature of Hearing & Listening is:

Hearing is a two-way street. The capacity to listen is the result of being able to hear (register) the sounds and then make sense of them.
Listening is the word I use to point to the capacity of comprehending the sounds coming into our brains through our ears.
Listening requires ears that hear the sounds and a brain path-way that can discern the meaning. 

What are the component effects of Listening?

Listening is a relational experience as well as an interior experience.
Listening is a doorway between hearts and worlds.
Listening is an irreplaceable conduit for information exchange and emotional connection.
Hearing and listening matter in a world that is going faster and faster and which relies upon the capacity to both ‘hear’ and ‘listen’. 

Comprehension is the basis of all interactional success and self-determination.  Hearing loss erodes this life comprehension.
Don’t let this go unchecked in your life or the life of another.

Speak up and speak out about Audism, the shame, judgments, fear and lack of support for those with hearing loss or deafness.
Audism is all around us. In restaurants, in social gatherings, in family dinners and well, in all settings of life.

Please be the one who notices, speaks up, and stands up so that all are included.  
Tell those you love who are missing the words: “It is time to stand up to Audism, not suffer in shame and isolation.”  
Tell yourself: “I love myself too much to pretend about my hearing loss or yours.”  

I invite all the readers to be the voice that says: “The hearing of all hearts involved matters!”

In celebration that today there is all the ‘hardware’ we need to make it possible, so all are included, and hearts are heard!

Thank you for your voice.