The premise of Imago Coaching, as founded by Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt, is that relationships pass through stages, just as the human body grows and matures. For example, if one didn't know that children lose their teeth to allow space for mature teeth, we would be quite concerned and mis-interpret the significance of this growth process. So it is with relationships!

There are 3 basic stages in relationships:

  • The Romantic Love Stage
  • The Power Struggle Stage
  • The Conscious Loving Stage

Most couples in trouble misunderstand the Power Struggle Stage as an indication that something is "wrong." In fact, this stage is "normal" and must be negotiated in order to arrive at the mature stage of authenticity in a relationship.

After completing the Imago certification process and required 100+ hours of study and live supervision over 10 years ago, Alaya has dedicated over half her practice to enabling couples to navigate the “power struggle” and move into conscious loving.

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