How we relate to the male and female aspects within ourselves and how they dance with each other is directly mirrored in our outer intimate relationships. INterior PAIRing explores the essentials of intimate relating from the inside out and focuses on our inner relationship with ourselves.

Topics explored in this 2-day intensive seminar include:

  • Understanding the true strengths of the male and female aspects and identifying the distortions
  • Identifying the true risks in INterior PAIRing and external PAIRing
  • The difference between these two types of PAIRing
  • The elements of INterior PAIRing
  • The spiritual path to (W)holeness found within our internal PAIRing spaces

INterior PAIRing is considered an advanced seminar, and although not required, WPI strongly recommends attending (W)hole Shop Level 1.

Individuals and PAIRs of all sorts are welcome.