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Individuals seeking to become a complete the (W)hole Life Coach-Basic course must:

  • be willing to not only learn the content, but also to live their (W)holeness in the world
  • complete the first 4 levels of The (W)hole Point Model of Empowerment/The Wisdom WAY and the Certified Radiance Master (CRM) process at minimum, ideally all 8 levels will be completed. Individuals wishing to do this may arrange one-on-one intensives to access the advanced levels if they are not being offered currently.
  • read the book: Wake Up To your (W)hole Life by Alaya Chadwick (available at the WPI or at
  • find a practice apprentice with whom to work throughout the course
  • commit to working with their own WLC to further their own (W)holeness and healing
  • complete the application and interview for acceptance into the program

Participation in the Advanced (W)hole Life Coaching program (WLC-P) for working with PAIRs is contingent upon successful completion of the WLC Basic training and permission of the instructors of the WLC-P.