Cost: $800
WGMs discount available

The Mary Magdalene Apprenticeship is based on materials trans-channeled by Lesley Michaels directly from Mary Magdalene. Alaya is offering this with the full permission and participation of Ms. Michaels and Mary.

The focus of this apprenticeship is the cellular lineage we each have within our body structure. This lineage dictates much of our lives from within, essentially beneath our conscious awareness. Through a series of practices, the lineages of both Mother and Father are healed. Each practice rests upon the apprentice’s particular lineage.

The format of the apprenticeship is an individual 1-hour Zoom class. The apprentice is given practices between each class to release their cellular lineages within them. Each class is recorded for the participant's review before their next class.

Each class has a question and answer period to allow the student to ask questions for clarity and understanding, truly making each class a unique and personal experience.

This is not a form of psychotherapy. This is a potent and powerful form of awakening that will permeate the entirety of each participant. Participation in this apprenticeship is the student’s unique participation in a global movement.

To apply for a Mary Magdalene Apprenticeship, go to the Application Forms section for an application.

Suggested pre-requisite: Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship