Rev. Alaya Chadwick


Rev. Alaya has both an MSW and a 3-year M.Div. degree from Yale Divinity school. Rev. Alaya is also the founder and director of The (W)hole Point Institute (WPI), LLC and the creator of The Wisdom WAY™ (WPW).


Rev. Anne Suddy


Rev. Anne is a WPI graduate, an advanced teacher of The Wisdom Way, a (W)hole Life Coach, and a flutist with over thirty years of liturgical service experience. She summarizes The Wisdom WAY by saying, “We fall into our (w)Holes to discover our (W)holeness so we can live a (w)Holy life.” Anne works with Alaya to ensure that the spirit of LOVE infuses the work of the WPI.


Rev. Ellen Fitts-Byrne


Rev. Ellen is a graduate of the WPI, a (W)hole Life Coach, and a teacher of The Wisdom WAY. She is trained and has worked, as an accountant for many years. She has 3 grown children.


Rev. Ahtea


Rev. Ahtea is a graduate of WPI, a teacher of The Wisdom WAY, and a member of the WPI Counsoul conclave. Ahtea’s active ministry is to walk the spirit of life and love in the world, helping to create a path wide enough for all to see, feel, and embrace their inner light and join in lighting the way for others. Ahtea creates and teaches art.


Rev. Marianne DiBlasi


Rev. Marianne is a WPI graduate, a teacher of The Wisdom WAY, a Reiki Master, a (W)hole Life Coach, and a consultant and public speaker. She was born with the physical disability Spina Bifida, and her ministry is focused on supporting individuals who are living with a disability, parents of a child with a disability, and caregivers of a loved one.


Rev. Rochelle Mausteller


Rev. Rochelle is a WPI graduate, a (W)hole Life Coach, and a teacher of The Wisdom WAY. Rochelle’s ministry is one of wholehearted embrace and active listening. She has been a business professional for over 30 years working in accounting and information technology. She is the mother of 2 young adults.






Rev. Charlotte Moriarty


Charlotte is an Ordained Minister, Reiki 2 practitioner (studying to be a Master), and a trained hospice volunteer. Her ministry, The Spirit Within, Continuing Life's Journey, focuses on all aspects of life from birth to death. She performs baby welcomings, pet memorials, and funerals. I am also licensed to perform weddings and civil unions.


Disclaimer: All MoRe ministers are independent of the WPI. Each MoRe minister serves as an independent contractor in any, and all, situations in which they offer their substitute services. All arrangements for any MoRe minister’s services are made between the congregation and that MoRe minister.