“Spirit on the Move”

When your pastor wants or needs to be away from the pulpit, we are the solution!

Pastors are people, too! For a variety of reasons, these spiritual leaders may need to take a break from their parish responsibilities; (i.e. vacations, leaves of absence, personal renewal days, etc). Often, it's a challenge to find a replacement who can bring spirit alive during their absence.

Now, via The (W)hole Point Institute LLC, a group of ordained ministers of various traditions, who do not have their own congregations, have formed Ministers of Radiance, or MoRe, to make avialable substitutes in a pastor's absence.

Our History:

In August 2011, a Board of Deacons affiliated with a church in Maine required a minister to conduct the Sunday services for the weeks of their Pastor’s vacation. At their request, 3 of us journeyed to that congregation to offer a service full of spirit, joy, stories, and song. Following this experience, that was so much fun and so very successful, we decided to offer this service on a broader scale. Hence, Ministers of Radiance, or MoRe, was born to offer "Spirit on the Move."

About the Ministers:

All ministers in this group are graduates of The Wisdom WAY™ training, entailing over 400 hours of intense study, offered through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC, as well as graduates of the (W)hole Life Coaching program, a 2-year training program. In addition to their own personal ordination journey, each Pastor is deeply committed to sharing, celebrating, and elevating the Radiance and (W)holeness of all people. Based on the intersection of spirituality and psychology, the Wisdom WAY is completely aligned with the religious teaching: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the essential message the “Ministers of Radiance” can, and are willing to, share with your congregation.

The Wisdom WAY is not a religion in itself. It is a philosophical & spiritual orientation, offering a “how to” method of loving oneself & ones neighbor. Practicality and fun weave through the presentations, and the core teaching of all sermons is love; love for yourself and love for each other. MoRe uses stories, and sometimes even a few toys, to bring alive their one message: Love yourself so that you can authentically love your neighbor.

Notes: Any particular liturgical requests from the “minister-on-leave” or participation by the congregation (i.e. chorus, organist, musicians) are always honored. MoRe is coordinated through The (W)hole Point Institute, for convenience only. You may reach MoRe by contacting Anne Suddy or Sanctuary directly.