This council offers a central point of connection based upon The Wisdom WAY universal story for Pastors of all backgrounds. Created by Rev. Anne Suddy, CMTR-7, and Rev. Ahtea, CMTR-1, Pastors of all training and orientation, including Reverends, Shamans, Priestesses, Priests, etc. are invited to gather as Rev. Anne and Rev. Ahtea extend invitations for such communions.

The focus of Pastors CounSoul is to empower and awaken “the global village” by offering a space-place of support for those who serve as spiritual guides and mentors.

All coordination of the CounSoul is through Rev. Anne and Rev. Ahtea.

Offered via the Pastors CounSoul, Pastors offering non-traditional weddings, marriages, baptisms, and funeral services are listed and may be contacted through Rev. Anne and Rev. Ahtea.

Additionally, Alaya is, through The Universal Brotherhood, able to perform ordinations for those who feel called to publicly claim their own unique ministries. All arrangements are made directly with Alaya.