Raymond, NH sets a high bar for “Tiny Towns”, to step up and respond creatively to the needs of their citizens – including veterans, their families as well as other community needs. People are what matters in this Tiny Town in rural NH. (Alaya’s quote)

“Raymond’s Visionary Ripples”

Craig Wheeler, Raymond Town Manager, Keith Howard of Liberty House, Alaya Chadwick of WPI, and Greg Bemis of Raymond Board of Selectman (listed Left to Right) discuss a variety of aspects of The 9 month Tiny House Experiment, happening at WPI.

Raymond Interview 2015

A brief history of the “Tiny House” project, is offered by Keith. He also shares a short reflection on the long-term intentions behind the 9-month experiment. This experiment is on behalf of homeless veterans.

Alaya offers a short introduction to “Sanctuary”, the name of the 65 acres of land in Raymond, owned by herself and her husband John.

“Sanctuary” is the location in Raymond, NH where both The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC and John’s consulting business are located and now The Tiny House experiment is taking place.

The Raymond Town Manager, Craig and Greg of the Raymond BOS, reflect upon the commitment the town has to supporting community actions on behalf of veterans as well as other community needs.

Celebrating the visionary courage and determination to “just make this happen”, all four individuals acknowledge that Raymond is an unusual “Tiny Town” in the State of New Hampshire. Already impacting folks in towns of Maine and Rhode Island, Raymond’s visionary style is “rippling out” touching other small villages and villagers.

Alaya’s invitation: Respond to Raymond’s ripples – See a need in your town and respond! Let people come 1st.

Further information:

Alaya Chadwick – www.sanctuarynh.com & www.wholepoint.us

Keith Howard – www.libertyhousenh.org

Raymond NH – www.raymondnh.gov



*Taped by the Raymond Town Cable TV. Used with Permission