Reiki is easy to learn and a great way to support your well-being as well as those around you. Alaya is a “teaching” Reiki Master of the Usui tradition, trained by Libby Barnett, international Reiki Master, teacher, and author, and offers classes in Reiki Level 1 (hands-on Reiki), Reiki Level 2 (distance Reiki), and Reiki Master (for those who also wish to teach Reiki) through The (W)hole Point Institute for those who would like to perform self-Reiki or become a Reiki practitioner or teacher.

Reiki Level I

Participants learn hands-on training in Reiki. Through instruction and lively participation, students have the first-hand experience in giving and receiving Reiki. Reiki attunement empowers students to give Reiki to themselves and others through direct hands-on contact.

Reiki Level II

Participants are trained and attuned to Reiki II. This involves a non-hands-on approach to Reiki, allowing participants to send Reiki through time, space, and distance. Learning the Reiki II symbols empowers the student to activate this potential held in all people. Through instruction and participation, students gain experience as givers and receivers in this advanced Reiki training..

Reiki Master

Participants must already be trained in Level 1 and Level 2 and have had a conversation with Alaya directly. Given that there are many “traditions” within Usui Reiki, including the addition of crystals, meditation practices, etc., Alaya’s preferred approach is one of “teaching pure Reiki,” meaning she does not add in extra practices and/or tools. No method is correct or incorrect, simply different.

The Reiki Master Training is a 9-month apprenticeship in which participants are paired with a Reiki Mentor to learn the how-tos of teaching Reiki Level 1 and 2 to others. At the end of the apprenticeship, the apprentice is initiated as a Reiki Master at a 3-day live class and celebration. This is not a class in which the apprentice learns how to initiate a Reiki Master.

Entrance into this program is by permission of Alaya. Contact us if you are interested, or download the application here.

Teaching Reiki Master Training

Reiki Masters may inquire as to becoming “Teaching Reiki Masters.” This process is a very intimate apprenticeship with Alaya, at the end of which the apprentice is able to initiate Reiki Masters.

Participation in apprenticeship is by permission only and is not automatically offered to anyone who is a Reiki Master. It is important that the person is in alignment with Alaya and her with them.

The only question is, “How far do you want to go on the Reiki Path?”

The Reiki Masters of The (W)hole Point Institute are available for individual Reiki sessions as well as traveling to your site to teach Reiki classes.

If you are interested in learning how to perform Reiki, please consult the Calendar for Reiki class dates or contact us to schedule a class at your location.