In (w)Role Play-Soul Play: Gift of PAIRing, participants explore the relationship of how our (w)holes determine the way we express the positions, or (w)Roles, we play in life.

A longer, 1-day format is used for this intensive seminar to allow for the depth, ripening, and initiations that occur within the participants. It is a very potent experience in which participants learn how to move from (w)Role awareness and perception into fluid freedom and transparent gratitude of “Soul Play.”

This PAIRing offering is designed to experientially explore our free will and how it leads us into profound encounters with our own true, though perhaps hidden, belief systems and the choices we make as a result.

(w)Role Play-Soul Play is an experience that will change how we see ourselves, our world, and our choices. There is no way to hide from ourselves in this seminar.

Wondrous, powerful, potent, and revealing, (w)Role Play-Soul Play carries us to the depth of our life choices beyond time and space as we know it. We truly are responsible for who we choose to be. When we can move from “(w)Role play” to “Soul Play,” we remove all the excuses we have to love ourselves for real and to truly offer love and receive it from others.

This PAIRing level is an advanced seminar focusing on the True Self and the essential nature of being alive from a PAIR perspective. There are no specific prerequisites required; however, WPI strongly recommends that participants become familiar with The Wisdom WAY map prior to attending, either by attending (W)hole Shop Level 1 or reading Wake Up To Your (W)hole Life.

Individuals, couples, and partners of all sorts are welcome to attend.

If you are unsure, a direct conversation with either Alaya, Anne Suddy, or Lisa Scally will serve to clarify whether this experience is right for you right now.

How we relate to the male and female aspects within ourselves and how they dance with each other is directly mirrored in our outer intimate relationships. INterior PAIRing explores the essentials of intimate relating from the inside out and focuses on our inner relationship with ourselves.

Topics explored in this 2-day intensive seminar include:

  • Understanding the true strengths of the male and female aspects and identifying the distortions
  • Identifying the true risks in INterior PAIRing and external PAIRing
  • The difference between these two types of PAIRing
  • The elements of INterior PAIRing
  • The spiritual path to (W)holeness found within our internal PAIRing spaces

INterior PAIRing is considered an advanced seminar, and although not required, WPI strongly recommends attending (W)hole Shop Level 1.

Individuals and PAIRs of all sorts are welcome.

The Basic PAIRing class incorporates the basics of relationship stages of development, The Wisdom WAY, and the foundational skills of communication to help participants gain a clearer understanding of how they enter into a relationship and what types of expectations they may impose on partners, teammates, friends, etc, as well as a pathway to clearing up the debris so often found in the space between 2 people.

Throughout this 2-day intensive experience, participants learn:

  • the Wisdom Dialogue* via both explained and practiced
  • the developmental stages of all relationships and the secret of the 2 worlds
  • the secrets of the basic tryads, which are the foundations to all interactions

Participants of all sorts are welcome:

  • Participants are encouraged to bring their relationship challenges with them; all states of comfort/discomfort are welcome
  • Individuals may attend singly or bring a friend or partner

Basic PAIRing does not require prerequisites; although WPI strongly recommends becoming familiar with The Wisdom WAY map. See PAIRing Overview for options.

*Wisdom Dialogue developed by Alaya Chadwick by weaving The Wisdom WAY with Imago dialogue created by Harville Hendric.