When One Goes to War We All Go to War.
Pass endeavors of The (W)hole Point Institute and Liberty House

The vision of Keith Howard, Director of Liberty House, on behalf of veterans, is profound. The (W)hole Point Institute LLC, (WPI) located on 65 acres called “Sanctuary”, is located in Raymond, NH. Alaya Chadwick, founder, and director of WPI, along with her husband John Chadwick, are pleased to participate in this “Pilot Project” designed to respond to the needs of our veterans. “This land, we call ‘Sanctuary’, was dedicated, in 1999, to “Transformation, Renewal & Healing”.

The Liberty House “Pilot Program” neatly fits with our mission and the mission of WPI.”, says Alaya Chadwick, director and founder of WPI. “Our soldiers went to war because “we the people,” asked it of them. WPI believes that we are responsible and accountable to our veterans and to ensure their return to home. It takes the Villagers to consciously welcome home our Soldiers, and in doing so, they are initiated fully as Warriors. WPI is committed to this full return.” Partnering with Liberty House is exactly the kind of action that our communities can take to fully meet our responsibility to our soldiers. WPI is grateful for the opportunity!

WPI, currently has three “PAY IT FORWARD” Pilot Programs aimed to respond to the needs of our veterans (Warriors). All interested please contact WPI at 603-895-4530 or see: www.sanctuarynh.com

Creating “Hugs from Home” – WPI is a designated “Peace Pod” called “Peace Weavers”. There are Peace Pods located globally through an organization called Knitting4peace. All knitters are welcome to join Peace Weavers. For information: Contact Alaya at: www.sanctuarynh.com

Reiki for Veterans, taught by Reiki Master & Veteran Bob “Howy” Howarth of Raymond, NH. All veterans and their families are welcome to attend this “PAY IT FORWARD” program. For more information: Contact Bob at 603-895-4097 or visit: www.wholepoint.us

Healing Circles: Community & Veterans coming together to heal from the wounds of war. A half-day PAY IT FORWARD program designed in response to Ed Tick’s work with veterans. This program was designed to be portable. If you and your community would like to host us on behalf of your veterans and their families – please contact us. “When one goes to war, we all go to war. For any to return home we must all shoulder the burden of war.” (Quote from Wake up to War & Peace). For more information: Contact Alaya: www.sanctuarynh.com