"Once upon a time...and is still true today." ~ Alaya Chadwick

 Storytelling reminds us all that the "child within" is nourished most deeply in community where our tales are told and heard, in an atmosphere of love and delight.

This is a growing, global phenomenon capturing attention and hearts round the world. The art, gift, and fun of Storytelling is an experience not to be missed!

Whether around your dining room table or in more formal Storytelling settings, “Telling” is a dance between listeners and tellers, both of equal importance. The secret: we are always both.

...there was a storyteller named Alaya...

She just loves to spin a tale. A Teller of 40 years experience and a published author of a book of her original fables, Alaya delights in reaching into hearts and minds with inspiration and laughter. This alive and vibrant Teller, who weaves the threads of her fables with the finesse of a maestro conducting a symphony, story time with Alaya is not to be missed. For more information about Alaya's storytelling, visit the National Storytelling Network.

Alaya is available for onsite telling for your school, church, and even in your business. For information on rates and arrangements, contact Alaya directly.

...who offered storytelling experiences for all...

We at the (W)hole Point Institute invite you to weave storytelling into your evening, your meals, and your daily life and major events. Story telling is not restricted to Alaya. It is a form of community building that's as old as time.

Upon request and when her time permits, Alaya does travel to offer Story Telling eventsl. For further information, contact Alaya directly.

Don't wait for Alaya-cherish the stories you tell and the stories you listen to. The fabric of stories shared weaves the fabric of community.

...and other storytelling resources

The International Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, draws thousands of folks from around the world to share in the magic of the universal language of tales, myths, legends, and fables. A sensual immersion for body, mind, heart, and soul, this festival is open to anyone who loves stories. Visit the International Storytelling Center for more information.

A World of Storytelling – A 24/7 internet radio station on Live365.com sharing tales from around the world told by the authors themselves. Over 4,500 listeners from 101 countries currently access this continuous storytelling resource for pleasure, inspiration, and hope. If you happen to listen in at the right time, you just might hear Alaya sharing one of her original fables. Listen here

If you're interested in more, as either a listener or Teller, visit the National Storytelling Network.