Master Teachers of Radiance of The (W)hole Point Institute LLC


Our Master Teachers of Radiance are extraordinary in their dedication, persistence, embodied kindness and wisdom.  To earn the Title of “Master Teacher of Radiance” (CMTR) requires:

  • Completion of Level 1-4 of The Wisdom WAY (W)hole Shops and their associated “Take Homes”
  • Earning the designation of (W)hole Life Coach  indicates training and permission to work deeply one-on-one with individuals and PAIRs™
  • Completion of Apprentice Radiance Teacher (ART) Training – a yearlong intensive skill and content based training on Embodied Teaching
  • Passing the “Final,” which entails teaching a level ONE (W)hole Shop as the lead teacher.  The Passing Grade is that their students demonstrate their learning & use of the map, method, and means of The Wisdom WAY.

All total approximately, 2600 to 3000 hours of study, mentoring, application and self-exploration using the same tools they are learning to teach to others.

In other words, “A huge accomplishment”.

A number follows each CMTR designation. This number indicates the number of levels they have been granted permission to teach, example: CMTR-1 indicates approval to teach Level ONE of The Wisdom WAY.

CMTRs are willing to travel locally to teach groups upon request, if given enough lead time.       Note: the cost of the training called “(W)hole Shop” varies depending upon distance and   travel costs.

CMTRs also offer on-going (W)hole Shops here at “Sanctuary” (our land), at The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC. Go to our Registration page to see current offerings.

There are some CMTRs who are also accomplished (W)hole Life Coaches.  (two years and 3000 hours of study and demonstrated abilities).  This rare combination makes the CMTRs a unique and potent teaching presence.