PAIRing™ Programs

People Activating Intimate Relating™ (PAIR) refers to the process of deepening intimate skills between one person and any other person. PAIRing is an invitation offered whenever any 2 people are engaged in an interaction. It does not just happen between the most “intimate” friends, or spouses, or parents and children. It happens between a boss and an employee, between strangers, between anyone. In every interaction, regardless of the type of relationship, we are revealing something of ourselves and thus PAIRing.

The PAIRing space, the space between any 2 people in an interaction, is where many challenges arise. The more we know about the landscape of PAIRing, the greater steadiness we may offer ourselves in those moments of challenge.

WPI offers a series of 1-2 day intensive seminars directed at exploring the various aspects and relationship skills of PAIRing. The series includes:

PAIRs and singles of all types are welcome. Whether friends, business or life partners, family relations, or any other type of PAIR, participants will learn the basic tools and skills to practice and ripen relationships to whatever levels of intimacy they desire.

It is strongly suggested, though not required, that participants familiarize themselves with the The Wisdom WAY. Although independent of The Wisdom WAY, the PAIRing seminars rest upon the approach, language, and orientation embedded in the wisdom of The Wisdom WAY map.

Those wishing to become familiar with The Wisdom WAY prior to a PAIRing seminar may do so in any of the following ways:

Change the world-activate your relationship spaces with PAIRing consciousness and empowerment.