(W)hole Life Coaching™

(W)hole Life Coaching™ is a trademarked name for a particular type of coaching approach. It is a form of focused support which is dedicated to elevate, celebrate, and empower the apprentice (client). The person engaged in the exploration of their (W)holeness is referred to as an "apprentice," and the (W)hole Life Coach (WLC) acts as mentor, guide, and witness as the apprentice unveils their own (W)holeness.

Although there are many forms of coaching now available, WLCing is unique in 3 particular ways:

  1. WLCing encompasses the entirety of a person's life and explores all 8 areas, or "Arenas of Play" (AOP), of one's life. These areas of one's life range from body concerns to relationship concerns to spiritual issues; however, they may also be a blend of any life situation that a person is encountering. As the coaching process unfolds, the weaving of all elements of a person's life expands into a focus of (W)holeness, and the coaching shifts to encompass the apprentice's full range of life expressions, leaving the apprentice with a true embrace of their (W)hole Selves.
  2. The foundational premise of WLCing is: "One cannot take someone else where they have not, first, gone themselves." Therefore, those who have earned the right to call themselves (W)hole Life Coaches have undergone a very rigorous, intense training and initiation into both the art of coaching itself and into the depths of their own (W)hole lives. Thus, for individuals truly wanting to engage in coaching designed to empower their entire life, WLCing is an approach which meets this intent, and the WLC has been deeply prepared to serve in this way.
  3. WLCing is rooted in a unique map, method, and means for awakening one's own (W)holeness, called The Wisdom WAY, which offers practical, usable, transformative methods for psychological and spiritual exploration to reveal one's (W)holenss to oneself.

A "(W)hole Life Coach" has studied for a minimum of 2 years, engaged in a significant amount of their own self development, continues to be in on-going WLCing consultation, so as to maintain personal clarity, and has met a rigorous standard set forth by The (W)hole Point Institute.

WLCing is based and rooted in solid psychological orientations expressed through The Wisdom WAY. This approach locates all transformation at the intersection point of psychology, spirituality, and the body. (W)hole Life Coaching occurs at, in, and within this intersection point.

WLCing is for those who "really want to move" in their own life path. WLCing is also for people in relationships of all sorts. WLCing is a perfect invitation for people who want to activate a deep and profound intimacy between themselves and others. Resting upon The Wisdom WAY and the Wisdom Dialogue processes, as well as a psycho-spiritual educational approach, PAIRs of all sorts (partners, parents and children, boss and employees, etc) come together with their WLC to ripen into their own intimacy. We need skills and know-how to be intimate with others. These skills are rarely taught. In WLCing, not only are skills taught but the intimacy invitation offered between two people is revealed and activated.

WLCes are intending to "get themselves out of a job" and empower the apprentice to be their own effective life-coach.

WLCing is all about a fit between the apprentice and the WLC. There are a number of WLCes who have completed the training offered through The (W)hole Point Institute. Meet some of them here.

NOTE: Anyone naming themselves as a WLC is not indicating in anyway that they have been trained as a psychotherapist, therapist, psychologist , etc. WLCing is considered to be an alternative, holistic, integrative approach. (W)hole Life Coaching is not psychotherapy and should not be considered a replacement for psychotherapy or any other traditional psychological treatment modality.