Corporate Consulting

Before settling into a private practice, Alaya worked in corporate America. She has experience and training in motivating employees and customers alike. In addition, she has consulted with numerous companies over the years, offering her unique method of empowering people to live and work to their true potential.

Incorporating The Wisdom WAY model into corporate settings can take many forms and offers an array of benefits:

  • As an addition to a corporate EAP (Employee Assistance Program), the (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY Level 1 training will enable employees to discover their own unique strengths and allow them to participate fully and confidently in their own job and career.
  • Empowered transparent leadership—the Wisdom WAY map and model offers training in transparent, empowered leadership for CEO’s, Board of Directors, and department heads. Understanding the universal map and wholeness enables corporate leaders to quickly identify areas of opportunities within their businesses, such as new customer and product strategies, areas for growth, or areas of redundancy that could be eliminated.
  • As a team-builder, the (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY Level 1 and Basic PAIRing training enables all levels of a company to improve communication, teamwork, and productivity.
  • As a decision-making model, the Wisdom WAY map will offer managers and supervisors a unique way to approach decisions to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  • As a stress reduction skill, Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 training offers employees a means to manage stressful moments with greater ease and thereby improve clarity.

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