Alaya offers (W)hole Life Coaching for adults in a multitude of situations which range from trauma resolution, to crises of faith, to grief and bereavement, to mid-life reviews, to questions of faith and spirituality, as well as the more “traditional concerns” of life. This list, though certainly not an exhaustive, offers a hint of the breadth of her work. She particularly enjoys working with men who are ready to “wake up” to themselves.

Psychotherapy, in a traditional approach, could be divided into the activity of “advice” and the activity of “exploration.” For clarity sake, Alaya uses the word “counseling” to refer to “advice offered by an expert” and “therapy” to refer to the “activity of self-exploration.” Alaya specializes in therapy and refers folks who are seeking counseling (advice only) to other individuals.

The intent behind personal self-exploration is to facilitate an evolution of one's self and one's personal self-expression in the world. One might say its purpose is to move into authentic freedom to live one's life by choice rather than from history.

To the degree a client wishes to access any aspect of Alaya's skills in self-exploration is the degree to which she will offer them. This decision is a co-operative one between Alaya and her clients.

At some point, it may become clear that the individual is no longer operating within a traditional therapeutic frame, and Alaya may suggest a shift into (W)hole Life Coaching with her. The significance of this will be discussed at the time.

Independent of the issue which brings a person to Alaya, she is quick to encourage folks to attend at least (W)hole Shop Level 1 training in the (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY for the purpose of supporting and facilitating their own development, which is powerfully empowering as well as financially efficient. The client learns the Universal Story beneath all their current concerns and is taught how to apply the universality to their particular life.

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Note: Alaya is not a medical doctor and cannot offer medication, psychiatric evaluations, or legal/court representation.

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