Around the globe, spiritual gatherings are occurring in greater and greater numbers. There is a wave of hunger to be life in the eternal now, to be awake in one’s daily living, and to awaken as one self as never before.

Defining a “school” as a cluster of experiences designed to facilitate transformation, learning, and awakening, a Mystery “school” clusters particular experiences designed for the explicit purpose of revealing the mysteries of being truth. The point of a Mystery “school” is not the invention of new mysteries, but rather the revelation, realization, and actual embodiment, in particular, of “I AM,” the great mystery of the ages.

Additonally, a Mystery "school" is:

A "space – place" in which a student is
invited into awareness
of divinity,
of soul,
of (W)holeness,
of SELF.
AND by saying "YES"-deeply- to the embrace of Truth,
the student awakens:
IS, consciously, ONE – Melting into SELF.
Upon the RE-turn to the market place,
their very breath, footsteps, & touch
are SOUL Sanctuaries
of healing, transformation & RE-BE-ing.

The Wisdom Grace Mystery “school” is a personalized, integrative, in-depth experience that weaves together all that the student brings in their psychology, spirituality, and body together with the transformative process of “meeting oneself” by choice in a moment-by-moment experiential encounter, the prime focus being to support the full embodiment of the “I AM” mystery.

Its learning experiences are founded upon and grounded in The Wisdom WAY, a psycho-spiritual structure that opens students’ hearts and minds and establishes a platform from which they know their true place in the universe.

Each apprentice is supported in their own pace, manner, and approach to answering the urgent question of our time... who am I?

Want more info? Download the Wisdom Grace Mystery "school" Philosophy.

Study in the WGM “school” includes an Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship (or Waves), a Mary Magdelene Apprenticeship, and the attunement to Reiki.

If you are interested in applying to the WGM “school,” please download an application form here.