Name: SOAR

Purpose: Graduates of the WPI (W)hole Life Coaching Program gather to explore both:

  • their apprentice’s (w)Holes and
  • how these are a reflection of the (w)Holes of the WLC - for the purpose of supporting clear transparent intentional spiraling and presence between WLC and WLCa.

WLC-Mentors: Lisa Scally, Anne Suddy, Ellen Byrne, and Theresa Robertson.

Format: Meetings are held at The (W)hole Point Institute (virtual attendance is possible – must be coordinated by Mentors)


  • Completion of the WLCing program – level one as a minimum.
  • At least 1 (ideally 3 to 5) active Coaching Apprentices or completion of the Master Class (MC).
  • The decision to commit to your own spiraling.
  • CRM/QRM status within The Wisdom WAY training is also a minimum.

Each WLC is encouraged to complete all WS levels and the associated "take-homes" so as to earn the Wisdom Masters level of understanding.

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