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(W)hole Shop Level 2

The Spiral Path – Anatomy of (W)holes—The intersection between psychology and spirituality

$325 (offered at WPI)
$425 (offered off-site)

See our calendar or registration page future dates for single or blended (W)hole Shops.
WGMs discount available

In (W)hole Shop 2, participants explore the anatomy of the spiral of a life “hole” in greater detail. This is an advanced (W)hole Shop that builds upon the basic model to deepen and enrich the practice of intentional curiosity.

In (W)hole Shop 2, participants explore the intersection of psychology and spirituality found inside of life “holes” over an intensive 2-day period. Students learn and practice using additional tools for navigating the spiral. In particular, students learn:

  • the different kinds of spiraling
  • how attention and intention affect one’s spiral orientation
  • the importance of feelings and vibration
  • how themes and threads are woven into the spiral
  • how to create movement within the spiral
  • vertical and horizontal alignment within the spiral
  • how our “holes” have shaped our own personal spirituality
  • how we resist our own radiance

In addition, students have many opportunities to work on their own life “holes.” With experienced and knowledgeable teachers and assistants, student are supported in:

  • Identifying their unique themes and threads
  • Using the tools to reveal what is along their spiral path
  • Discovering their feelings found within the spiral
  • Uncovering their own personal mythical beliefs and true spirituality
  • Discovering their own personal resistance to their radiance

(W)hole Shop 2 is an advanced level (W)hole Shop and cannot be taken without a student having first participated in (W)hole Shop 1. Like (W)hole Shop 1, (W)hole Shop 2 uses a unique combination of visual imagery, toys, personal stories, lectures, and exercises to create an environment that feels safe and welcoming and one that encourages curiosity as well as laughter.

(W)hole Shop 2 is an experience that is profoundly transformative and empowering. While attending in person is encouraged and recommended, there are times and circumstances where this is not always possible for everyone. It is with these situations in mind that a DVD version is available for people to learn about The Wisdom WAY™ model on their own schedule and at their own pace.

Pre-req: (W)hole Shop Level 1

Note: This level can also be taken via a DVD instructional video.

18 NH-NASW-approved continuing education units (CEUs) available. Restictions may apply for off-site classes.