The Wisdom WAY is a map, a method, and a means to profound personal, communal, and global healing that is, at its essence, the skeleton or framework found inside most healing modalities, including most conventional therapies and alternative practices. Its existence and essence reveals our Universal Story and stimulates the awakening wholeness of whomever chooses to engage in this new frontier.

It is based on the premise that only at the point where our psychology intersects with our spirituality, where our humanity and our divinity converge, where our humanness and our spiritual natures merge in our awareness, can embodied (W)holeness occur. It is only at this point, this space-place, where individuals can awaken.

The wisdom of this approach is that it offers a simple, practical, and profound process, particular to each of us yet universal in its applicability, for individuals, couples, and organizations to immediately focus healing, awakening, and alignment efforts on all levels of being (emotional, physical, and spiritual), in our own lives and our communities.

The Wisdom WAY is taught in a series of classes or workshops, called (W)hole Shops, beginning with the foundational learnings in Level 1 and continuing in higher levels to reveal deeper and more profound knowledge of ourselves as individuals and members of the universal community. Each level is built on the preceeding level and can be considered a “completetion point” should a student decide not to continue further.

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Its existence and essence reveals our Universal Story.